17 October 2011

A Brief Note about Crafting

Tides of Destiny is different from other Rune Factory games in that you can use the Crafting Areas in your Neighbours' homes and shops from the start to Cook, Forge, Craft Accessories and Mix Medicines. Although there are Skill Levels attached to each Recipe, you can do quite a lot the first time you access the Crafting Area.

This information is included in my Crafting Recipes Guide as well as General Guide, but perhaps it is worth a mention here.

Freyr was able to craft a Wind Edge as his second Forge project on the first day he used the Forge at the Smithy. He was able to make a Cheap Hammer and a Cheap Axe and then upgrade them to the Chopping Axe and Iron Hammer almost immediately. You don't have to make the same Weapon again and again really in order to be able to make better ones.

There is a point where you will have 0% of success to make an Item when your Levels are low. For example, although Freyr could make the Straw Hat and Handknit Hat imemdiately, he couldn't make a Handknit Scarf at the Crafting Bench until his skill levels increased a little.

Cooking is a little different from Crafting and Forging because you will waste your ingredients if you fail, where in the other areas of crafting, you will be able to use them again. As Odette's Kitchen is virtually next to your Cottage, however, you can save your game BEFORE you cook and then reload if you fail.

These little parsimonious methods are important only at the start of the game when you have limited income. Freyr found that Hot Milk was the best Recipe both to make and to sell... With three Buffamoo in the Barn producing Milk daily before the second Week, he was able to keep a steady little income by making Hot Milk and selling it to the local shops. The large sums of money are earned by performing Lily's first two Requests and Electra's Boulder request.


  1. I see. So in this game Freyr can use other people's equipment and such until he can get his own. Also in the past Rune Factory game, Frontier, Raguna lost ingredients when I made him fail at cooking. I made him waist ed it on making a flop or whatever its called. I'm sure that counts as wasting ingredients.

  2. Here's what I'm confused about... how DO we increase the number of work benches in our houses? I can't figure out what he needs for that...

  3. To increase the number of work benches? The first step is to expand your house. You can't do ANYTHING until you do that. You then will be able to add Kitchen stations, Forge, Workbench (for Accessories) and Pharmacy. You won't need any more house expansions in order to expand the range of each of these. Simply ask for the addition in the Menu of each type of activity. If you wish to be able to work at Carpentry, you have to add a second floor. You then can add the Carpentry benches as well as moving directly to Ymir via a door on the second floor.

  4. Joshquinn: yes, whenever you cook, your Ingredients will create a result, whether it is 'successful' or 'unsuccessful'. Unsuccessful means that you will have a Failed Dish, which is a Dish in itself, so I suppose I shouldn't say that the Ingredients are 'wasted' really... You can eat a Failed Dish, although the Energy values are low. You can give them as Gifts or use them as Ingredients in some cases. Some one speaks of the Super Failed Dish early in the game as well. This would be a Failed Dish with a star.