14 October 2011

Monster Care in Tides of Destiny

Even from the start, Monster Care is very different in this game from other games in the series. You do not have your Monsters on your own farm, for a start. Instead, at the beginning, they can be housed in a Monster Barn inside Ymir, the Plant Golem.

They do not appear to need Fodder. Instead, supply them with Monster Cookies that you purchase from the Gemini General Store. You don't feed them to the Monsters. They help themselves to these treats.

The most confusing difference for me was in terms of Monster Care and Harvesting. I was unable to Brush my Monsters once I had tamed them, until I finally decided to use the option to Take the Monster with me.

As soon as we touched land on Verde Island, I was able to use the Brush on my tame Monster and it responded with an outpouring of hearts. I was able to use a Harvester as well on Monsters I had tamed only a day or two previously.

Another difference is that you can have more than one Monster with you at any given time. I had both Monsters out with me for grooming and harvesting...


  1. You can brush the monsters inside the barn. You have to hit two buttons at once. The button guide is on the left side of the screen. Instead of just pushing (A) you have to hit (A) and (B) (on the Wii)

  2. As an interesting note, on the ps3 you can easily brush your tamed monsters no matter where you are, as long as you're facing them and close enough to them, of course. You press square with the brush equiped, and voila!

    Thank you for all your hard work on these guides.

  3. I have a question if you don't mind helping me out. Do you know where all the ores go? I did use my hammer to mine them but I can't seem to find them anywhere. I looked everywhere, I'm not sure where it all went. Thanks. Oh and by the way, I'm playing this game on the wii...

  4. That is different. So how many monsters can be with the character?

  5. Actually I believe the first day you have them you can't use the harvester but I could brush mine as soon as I walked in the barn on my wii. Maybe there's a glitch?
    BTW Even: Did the ore sparkle before you hit it? If it didn't then it wasn't ready yet. Also try hitting it away from the edge.
    BTW Joshquinn Andrews: You can have up to 3 monsters with you're character. This is helpful since even the first boss was hard and killed all three of my monsters off (no worries they come back with full health after the battle) before I could beat it by using my rune ability who knows how many times.