11 October 2011


Welcome to Freyashawk's Tides of Destiny site. This is where all my Guides for the new Rune Factory 'Tides of Destiny' for the Wii will appear. You will find links to the actual guides displayed as 'Tabs' above the Posts.

Evidently, IGN now favours a Wiki approach for Guides and I have given them permission to pull information from my site, but you always can find my actual Guides here. Much more detailed information always will be found in my Guides, so if any one likes my approach to guide-writing, I would suggest that you bookmark this site and return here for access to my 'real' Guides.


  1. Well good for you then. If you going to make a guide for this game then it's going to be of use to me when I get it. ^_^

  2. Thank you, Joshquinn! It's a wonderful game, actually.

  3. Oh really! I thought as much. My sister told me that the added a jump command this time which is nice.