Tides of Destiny Characters Guide

Tides of Destiny Characters Guide
by Freyashawk
Created on 13 October 2011
Last updated on 23 November
Although time is a bit flexible in the universe of Rune Factory and one often can become confused between past and present, it is a set Universe. Some of the same Characters may be found in more than one game. Even when a specific Character is not physically present, you often will hear references to one or more Characters known to you from past games.
In the introductory events in Tides of Destiny, a reference will be made to Weber from Rune Factory Frontier. You actually will find Annette from RFF delivering the post in Tides of Destiny. A tourist will make verbal reference to Whale Island... The more you know about the Universe of Rune Factory, the richer your experience will be. This sort of knowledge may help you in practical ways as well.
Social Interactions
Rune Factory games tend to operate on the same principles as Harvest Moon where social interactions are concerned. Dialogue is a key element both in discovering facts of importance and in raising Friendship Levels. In Tides of Destiny, you can obtain many different dialogues from the same individual simply by speaking to him or her again and again in the course of the same encounter.

There are a number of tourists on Fenith Island with whom you can interact at the start of Spring. They have important facts to impart as well as local gossip or their own point of view of the weather, the island and other Characters. They will accept Gifts from you.

Bernie will give you the basic rules of raising Friendship Levels:
Bernie: The best way to attrract the interest of a member of the opposite sex is to be a good conversationalist and give presents that the person likes.

Note that regular 'meeting and greeting' is even more important than Gifts.

Violet; Greetings are the first step in commnunication. So let's start off with a greeting.

Sierra will give you a brief tutorial about social interactions when she asks:

Sierra: Hey! You getting to know everybody here on the island?
If you respond, 'Not really', she will impart her wisdom to you.

Sierra: Bummer.... Okay, I'll teach you the secret to making friends like crazy! It's nothing complicated. You just gotta TALK to people, a LOT. At least once a day.

It is through dialogue often that you will discover the Most Favourite Gifts of an Individual. From the start, for example, you can obtain information about Maerwen's Favourite flower, the Moondrop:

Maerwen: I recommend moondrops this time of year. I like the dainty little, yellow flowers.

Lily will instruct you as to the importance of Gifts while giving you important information about one of her own Favourite Gifts:

Lily: Fruit is so nice to eat ... delicious and good for your health! Whenever there is fruit served at dinner, I feel happy! You see! You can always make me happy by giving me things I like! That's a good way to improve your relationship with people quickly. Oops, was I a little too obvious there?

Requests are another key element both in terms of social interactions and in terms of advancing the Plot to unlock new options. Completing Requests In Tides of Destiny is as vital, therefore, as in other Rune Factory games with the Request System.
It was when Freyr had completed Lily's first two Requests, for example, that he was able to experience an Event that unlocked the Part-Time Work option in the village and raised her Friendship Level to 1.
Game Controls in Social Interactions
Your basic 'Action' Button is the A Button. B cancels actions or allows you to disengage from an object. When you are standing in front of any Character, press the A Button to engage him or her in conversation. To give an Item, hold it in your hands and press the A Button.

When you are on Fenith Island, simply press 1 to access the Map. The Map will display Character Icons showing the position of other Characters on the Island.
The + Button allows you to access a Wheel Menu that includes:
Quick Equip
Quick Use
Quest Log
'Villagers' allows you to see information about every major Character you have encountered. Tourists like Bernie, Antonio and Ranisha, although they definitely can provide information of value, are not included.
The Significance of Birthdays
In the first week of Spring, there will be a number of dialogues dealing with Electra's Birthday.
Sierra: Evening! I had a lot of fun today! I wonder what birthday present to give Electra... One time I grabbed something out of the store and gave it to her, but Bismark got mad at me...
Freyr: So would anybody!
Another conversation occurs between Maerwyn and your Character:
Maerwen: Could I talk to you for a miinute, Freyr? Lady Electra's birthday is coming up. I'd like to get her a present. But I don't know much about presents for humans... Wh-What should I do?
Freyr: Anyway... I guess as long as you consider the recipient's feelings, it doesn't matter whether dark elf or human. Don't worry, Maerwen. You'll come up with something that will make her happy.
Freya: You see Electra all the time, so just give her something you know she will like. Have more self-confidence.
Maerwen: Y-You think so...? Okay then, I'll think up something that will please Lady Electra!
Note that, although villagers spoke of Electra's Birthday, no one saw fit to give Freyr any precise information with respect to the date. It was only when he achieved Level 1 Friendship with Mikoto and Lily that Mikoto gave him real details about Lily's Birthday.
Mikoto: Lily's birthday is the 26th of Spring. I owe Lily so much for giving me a place to stay. I can never repay her enough, but I want to get her a gift to thank her.

As soon as Mikoto made this declaration, Lily's Birthday was added to the Calendar. The only birthdays on the Calendar at the start of the game are your Birthday and that of your interior female companion.
Dragon Shrine and Villagers
Whenever Odette is at the Dragon Shrine, you can make a Wish either by adding an offering of Gold to the Pool or using the existing offerings there.
The options are:
Learn about neighbouring Islands: 500G
Learn about Fenith Islanders: 1000G
Be transported to another place: 3000G
Collect more items from defeated monsters: 5000G

When you first access the Offering Bowl, it will contain a total of 5000G. You can use this amount freely to gain information. If you save your game before you go to the Dragon Shrine, you can find out everything you need, then reload and return to ask more questions.

At the start of the game, it is pointless to ask about 'neighbouring islands' as the only Island that is on the Map is Verde Island. The question deals with the Crops that are best to plant on an Island and no Crops can be planted on Verde Island.

The best option is to 'Learn about Fenith Islanders'. Whenever you choose this option, you can discover the Most Favourite Gift and Most Detested Gift of any Individual. Talynn's Information is included in this Guide naturally.


You can give more than one Gift to any Individual in the course of a day. As in Rune Factory Frontier, Gifts appear to mean more to some Characters than to others, even when the Item is one that the person loves.

Birthday Gifts
Individuals may refer to a Character's Birthday a day or two before it actually occurs. It is when some one divulges a Birthday that it will appear on the Calendar in your House.
There usually is one Response for Cooked Dishes that a person likes, and that will not vary even when you give the Item to the Individual on his/her Birthday. In other words, for the most part, a person will NOT acknowledge a Cooked Dish to be a Birthday Gift. He/she instead will talk about hunger or the need to eat...
Generally speaking, it is raw Ingredients or other Items that a person likes that will elicit an acknowledgement that it is a Character's Birthday when given on the day.
In Tides of Destiny, Crops generally are not perceived to be food but rather are Items like any other in terms of their reception as Gifts. For example, Pandora will tell you that a gift of food is mserly but she will accept a Strawberry gladly.
Characters List
Use the Wheel Menu to access information about all the Characters you have met. On 2 Spring, you should be able to meet the following:
Birthday: 26 Spring
Official Description:
The eldest of the three sisters at the inn. She's a caring and reliable big sisster. She's also forgetful and clumsy at times.
Introduction: You can meet her on 2 Spring.
At night, you can ask Lily to play her lute and sing for you.

According to Talynn:
Most Favourite Gift: Fruit Parfait
Most Detested Gift: Baked Apples
Easiest Favourite Gift: Moondrop
Actual Dialogue:
Favourite Gifts: Lily loves fruits and will impart this information in the first week of Spring.
Lily: Fruit is so nice to eat ... delicious and good for your health! Whenever there is fruit served at dinner, I feel happy! You see! You can always make me happy by giving me things I like! That's a good way to improve your relationship with people quickly. Oops, was I a little too obvious there?
Mikoto: Lily's birthday is the 26th of Spring. I owe Lily so much for giving me a place to stay. I can never repay her enough, but I want to get her a gift to thank her.
Actual Responses:
Lily for Moondrop: Moondrop? Than you, this makes me so happy! Tee-hee!
Lily for Box Lunch: Box Lunch? Thank you, this makes me so happy! Tee-hee!
For Small Fleece: Small Fleece? Thank you, this makes me so happy! Tee-hee!
On her birthday for Orange or Moondrop: (with outpouring of hearts): Oh, a birthday present? I'm so happy, thank you!
On her birthday for Fruit Juice: Oh, this looks delicious! I'll have to eat it later! Tee-hee!
For Failed Dish: Oh my, tsk tsk. Please put your trash in the trash can! Promise me you will!
Lily's Requests

Your first Request is made by Lily. Speak to her and she will ask for Medicinal Herb. You can buy this at the Gemini General Store. Give it to her for a generous reward of 500G.

Lily: I have an errand for you.
Would you mind doing an errand for me?
Details: Give her 1 Iron and 1 Scrap Metal
Reward: 1000G

Lily: A sea chart for an explorer.
I found a mysteirous sea chart. It might be useful for exploring the ocean.
Details: Raise the Sunken Temple from the Sea. It is a new Island.
Reward: None
N.B. When you have completed this Request for Lily, you should be able to experience her 1st Friendship Event at the Inn. It will raise her FP to 1.

Lily: Can you get ingredients for me?
Details: She needs 1 Squid, 1 Strawberry, 1 Apple
Difficulty Level: 1 Turnip
Reward: 1 Iron Ore

Freyr: I saw the bulletin board. Want some help?

Lily: Oh, would you? You're a life-saver! Could you bring me a squid, a strawberry and an apple?

Freyr: It'll be a piece of cake! Wait just a minute.

Each time you give her one of the items:
Lily: Thank you for bringing me what I asked for.

After all three:
Freyr: This is everything. Are you going to cook something?

Lily (with music): Hee hee. I'm going to make a stew! It's going to be such a cute, pink colour!

Freyr (with tear): What an unusual recipe. G-Good luck then...

Request completed!
Received Iron (1) as a reward!

The following Request appeared after Lily's 2nd Friendship Event:
Lily: A private request
I'd like to keep this quiet. Keep it a secret from my sisters.
Difficulty Level: 1 Turnip
Freyr: You look down, Lily. Is that why you posted a request?
Lily: Yes. You see, I had a fight with my sisters...
Freyr: That's rare. You three are so close.
Lily: I was just so worried I ended up saying something pretty harsh. Could you go and see if they're still angry with me?

Lily's Friendship Events
1st Friendship Event
Lily: Well, if it isn't Freya and Freyr. Do you have a moment to chat?
Freyr's choices:
My pleasure.
Some other time.
Freyr: With pleasure.
An event ensured.
Lily and Freyr sit opposite one another at a table at the Inn.
Lily: Well, how are you? Used to life on Fenith Island now?
Freya; You bet! And thank you so much for letting us stay in such a nice place!
Lily (with outpouring of hearts): I'm so glad you like it! But we still haven't thrown a welcome party for you!
Freyr: Huh? You don't have to do that!
Lily (with music): I know! Let's have it now! I'll make a special meal for you!
She starts to walk away, then trips and falls.
Freyr runs to her but she gets up by herself.
Lily: (with tear): Oh no! I stumbled again!
The screen darkens and next she is in the kitchen.
The music changes.
Lily (with music): Well now, let me see what I can cook up! Hold on a second!
Both her sisters race up now.
Lily: Oh! Odette and Violet! What is it?
Odette: W-We'll handle the cooking, okay?
Violet: Th-That's right! Lily, why don't you keep chatting with Frey and Freya while we cook?
Lily: Oh, I couldn't do that!
Odette: No, no, it's fine! Leave it to us!
The screen darkens and next Freyr (with his interior companion Freya) is sitting at table again with her.
Freya: Thank you so much! You do so much for us...
Lily: Oh, we don't mind at all! Though I wasn't planning ot make my sisters do all the work... It always turns out that way... The two of them never let me in the kitchen. I know I'm not a very good cook, but it's nto like I'll burn the kitchen down the instant I set foot in there.
Freya: You know what you should do? Secretly practice cooking and then surprise your sisters!
Lily (with music): What a good idea! I 'm going to do just that! This will be our little secret, just the three of us! Don't tell!
Odette and Violet come to the table.
Violet: Sorry to keep you waiting! Let's eat!
Freyr: It looks delicious!
Violet (I don't know about that.) N-No, it's nothing special, really...
The Event ends.
Prompt: Your friendship level with Lily is now 1.
If Freyr had chosen: 'Some other time',
Lily: Oh dear... I've been given the brush-off. Tee-hee.

Lily's 2nd Friendship Event
Lily: Well, if it isn't Freyr and Freya! Do you have a moment to chat?

Your choices now:
With pleasure.
Some other time.

Freyr: With pleasure.
Lily: Tee-hee. Thank you!
The screen darkens momentarily.
We now are in the kitchen and Lily is facing me, holding what looks like a Failed Dish, with black smoke rising from it.

Lily: Ever since we talked I've been practicing so I can cook something that will wow Odette and Violet. Would you taste it for me, Freyr?

Freyr: Really? I'd love to.

He eats it and falls backwards onto the floor, unconscious.

Freya: ...? Freyr?

Lily: Oh...? Oh no...

Freya: Freyr? Freyr!

He arises now.

Freyr: Wh-What just happened...? Everything started flashing black and white in front of my eyes...
Lily: Now that's strange... I didn't put in anything harmful... I just put in lots of things that are good for the body... Like herbs and recovery potions...

Freyr (with tear): Seriously, Lily... Why don't you just follow a recipe?

Lily: But... if I'm going to the trouble of cooking, I want to create something new!

Freya: Well, maybe you should hold off on experimenting until you've gotten the hang of a few... traditional recipes.

Lily: All right... *Sigh*.

The Event ends and I find myself back in the Inn in front of the Request Board.
Your friendship level with Lily is now 2!

Birthday: 8 Summer
Official Description:
The second eldest of the three sisters at the inn. She's bright and straightforward. She's also good at cooking, and always trying to cook something new.
Introduction: She will be the first Character you meet after you travel through time.

According to Talynn:
Most Favourite Gift: Ratatouille
Most Detested Gift: Fish Fossils

Actual Dialogue:
Odette: I'm the middle sister. Lily is the oldest and Violet is the youngest. My big sister is kind of a klutz, but my little sister is quite capable. Have you met them yet?
On her birthday:
Odette: I got a lot of birthday presents from every one. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't expecting them, but I'm still really happy to get them!

Odette: By the way, did you know you can make wishes at the Dragon Shrine?
Your choices:
I know.
I didn't know that.
If you tell her you didn't know that:
Odette: If you make an offering at the Dragon Shrine then your wishes will come true. The bigger your offering, the more amazing the wishes that you can have granted. Recently, I wished and found a pocketbook I had dropped!

Actual Responses:
Odette for Moondrop, Milk: This is for me? Thanks, I accept.
Odette for Bamboo Rice: You want me to taste it? I warn you, I"m a tough judge!
On her birthday for Moondrop:
Odette (with outpouring of red hearts): Ooh, thanks! Today's my birthday! How did you know?

Odette's Requests:
Odette: If you're going out to sea...
I'll give you a tour of some of our most interesting neighbouring islands!
Difficulty: 3 Gold Turnips
Details: Find the Earth Spirit Shrine in the south. The Key to access it is the one that you found in a Chest in the centre of the Temple on Sunken Temple Island.
Reward: Rapid Spike Spear Rune Ability
When you return to Odette to report that you found that Island, the Request will be completed and you then should experience her 1st Friendship Event which will raise her FP to 1.
Odette's Friendship Events
1st Friendship Event:
Freyr chooses the option to 'Talk' when Odette is behind the counter at the Inn, after the discovery of the Earth Spirit Shrine Island.
Odette: Oh, perfect! Do you have a minute?
Freyr's choices:
Now's not a good time.
Freyr: Sure.
Odette (with music): You do!? Could you come with me, then?
Freyr now finds himself seated at a table in the Inn.
Odette: You told me before that I didn't look like a good cook.
Freyr: Uh, did I say that?
Freya: You sure did!
Odette: So today I'm going to prove to you that I'm a good cook!
Freyr: I was just kidding around. You don't have to do anything special...
She brings him a platter of food.
Odette: Eat up now!
Freya: Ooooh... It looks delicious!
Freyr: O-Okay then. I'll try it...
The screen darkens, then:
Freyr: Wow! YOu're amazing! I never would have guessed your cooking was this good! I guess you just can't judge people by appearances.
Odette: Why thank you! (then with thunder and cross hurt): Hey...! You're not making fun of me right now, are you?
Freyr: If your cooking is this good, you should be a professional chef!
Odette (with tear): Well, I do cook all the food for the inn, so I am sort of a professional chef. (with music) But I'm so pleased that you like it! Now you won't say that i look like i'm no good at cooking, will you?
Freyr: No way! Your cooking is great. No argument.
Odette (with music): I'm glad you've seen the light.
Freya: Hee-hee... Odette, that was really bugging you, wasn't it?
Your friendship with Odette is now 1.

Odette's 2nd Friendship Event
Odette says: Oh, perfect! Do you have a minute?
My choices now:
Now's not a good time.
Freyr: Sure.
Odette (with miusic): You do!? Could you come with me, then?
The screen darkens and I find myself with her in the kitchen. She is holding something from the oven in her hands.
Odette: I was thinking up new recipes to serve at the inn. Here's what I came up with... I'd like you to try it and tell me what you think.
Freya: How come only Freyr gets to try it? No fair!
Freyr: Hey, you don't even have a body! How would you eat anything Odette cooked for you?
Freya (with thunder): Whatever! It's till not fair!
Odette: Once you guys get back to normal, I'll make it for you too, Freya.
Freya: (with music): Really? Yay!
Odette: Niow eat up before it gets cold!
Freyr takes it and gobbles it down without much ceremony.
Freyr (with music): Delicious!
Odette: Yippee! I did it!
Freyr: It's delicious, but... something is missing.
Odette: Missing?
Freyr: Yeah, it tastes okay, but it's not up to your usual standard. It lacks punch. YOu need to kick it up a notch somehow.
Odette: Kick it up a notch...? Hmm...
Freyr: (with profuse sweat): Oh, sorry! I did n't mean to burst your bubble. I mean, this isn't bad by any means.
Odette: No, no, it's useful feedbac k. I'm glad I had you taste test it, Freyr. I'm going to tweak my recipe.
Freyr: I'm happy to be your taste tester any time, Odette.
Your friendship level with Odette is now 2!
The event ends with Freyr in front of the bulletin board alone.

Birthday: 3 Winter
Official Description:
The youngest of the three sisters at the inn. She's a little shy, but feels passionate about her job as a nurse.
Introduction: You must walk into the Clinic to experience Violet's Introduction Event. After doing so, you can investigate the Mixing Area in the room next to the Church in order to be able to make your own Medicines there.
It is easy to make Violet happy. The gift of a simple Medicinal Herb will send her into transports of joy.

There is some conflict between Freya and Violet that emerges even at their first meeting in the Clinic. Although Freya is polite to Violet, she mutters 'Grrrr' each time Freyr speaks to her.

According to Talynn:
Most Favourite Gift: Emery Flower
Most Detested Gift: Insect Skin

When you ask the Arch-Dragon about Violet, Odette will respond very differently from the way she responds to your interest in her elder sister.

Odette: (with outpouring of hearts): Violet will be thrilled that you asked.

Actual Responses:
For Medicinal Herb (with hearts and music): Thank you very much. I love Medicinal Herb. Hee hee.
Violet is not as enthusiastic about Recovery Potion, actually:
For Recovery Potion: Thank you. That's so nice.
Violet's Friendship Events
When Freyr went to the clinic, he experienced the 1st Friendship Event with Violet. When he spoke to her across the counter:
Violet: Um... can I talk to you... for a minute?
Freyr's choices:
Of course.
I'm kind of busy now.
Freyr: Of course.
Violet: Thank you very much!
We now take a walk together and are near the foundtain.
Violete: So, um... about sharing your body with Freya... What's it like?
Freyr: it's kind of hard to explain... It's kind of like having a song stuck in your head. A really noisy, opinionated song.
Freya: Hey, Freyr! You're so mean!
Freyr: See? That's what I'm talking about.
Violet: But... You two get along so well...
Freyr scratches his head.
Freyr: Violet...
Violet: Yes? Wh-What is it?
Freyr: Are you kidding? Or are you maybe just running some kind of fever?
Violet: N-No, I'm not kidding... And... I feel okay.
Freyr: Well, you know what they say: the more time you spend with some one, the more you fight. This sharing bodies thing isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Violet: Oh, I see...
Freya: Hmph.
Freyr: See how moody she is?
Violet: Sigh...
Your friendship level with Violet is now 1!
Although Freyr was inside the Clinic when he first spoke to Violet, the event ends outside the Church.

Violet's 2nd Friendship Event

Violet: Um... can I talk to you... for a minute?
Your choices:
Of course.
I'm kind of busy now.
Of course.
Violet; Thank you very much!
Now outside looking at the potted flowers.
Freya: (with outpouring of hearts) Oh wow... How pretty... You grew these, right, Violet? You're amazing...
Violet: (sweating profusely) Oh, I don't know... I didn't do anything special. Any one can grow beautiful flowers as long as they grow them with love.
Freya: Then you must've given these flowers tons of love! You really are amazing!
Violet: ?! What? But... Well... Thank you very much for saying that...
Freya: So, wasn't there something you wanted to talk to me about?
Violet: (sweating profusely again) Huh!? Um... no, not really.
Freya: Really?
Violet: Yes! I just wanted to show you the flowers.
Your friendship level with Violet is now 2!
The Event ends with Freyr alone in the Wedding Chapel area.

Birthday: 6 Spring
Official Description:
Intelligent, classy, sweet, caring and good at housework. A faultless young lady who doesn't like to give up on anything.

Introduction: You can meet her on 2 Spring by entering the De Sainte-Coquille Mansion.
Electra loves to work. You can find her sweeping the floors of the Mansion as well as filling in for the happy-go-lucky Sierra at the Gemini General Store. It is Electra who will give you a book of Crafting Recipes and grant permission to use her Crafting Bench.

According to Talynn:
Most Favourite Gift: Teardrop
Most Detested Gift: Jewels
Odette's Editorial Comment: That's right... she hates jewels! Can you believe it?
Actual Dialogue:
Electra: Cleaning is such fun! Won't you join me?
Actual Responses:
For Small Fleece:
Electra (with a burst of hearts): Thank you so much. Now, what sort of accessory should I make with this? Hee-hee!
For Bronze Bracelet: Thank you very much. How thoughtful of you.
Electra's Requests
Electra: Rocky Sailing
Recently there have been a lot of accidents caused by the boulders to the north. Sailors should watch out.
Details: Go north on Ymir and use him to remove two large Boulders from the Sea.
Reward: 5000G

Electra's Stone Flowers Request
Electra: The legend of stone flowers
Do you know the legend of stone flowers? I want to ask something about it...
Difficulty: 2 Gold Turnips
Details: Find Winter Island
Reward: Neck Towel

Freyr: You had something you wanted to ask?
Electra: Have you heard of stone flowers?
No, I've never heard of those.
In the countries far, far north, there are no flowers that bloom, so they call minerals stone flowers. It's a word in the language spoken far, far north, but... I heard that there's a place near here where those stone flowers bloom.
Freyr: It must be somewhere cold.
I think it is.
You've piqued my interst. Do you have any clues?
Um... I think it's here on the sea chart...
I bet I can figure it out if I go and look into it. I'll go see.
Thank you for going to all this trouble. I'll have a fine reward for you.
I found Winter Island.
Freyr: Sorry it took so long. I found a really cold island near that area.
Electra: You did? So that was it...
Freyr: If I release a bunch of spirits on the island, it might come back to life.
Electra: What a mysterious place. I'd love to go there one day. Here's your reward. Thank you very much.
Request completed.
Reward: Neck Towel

Electra's Request: An important Request
Electra: An important request
I've got some good information for you! Come on by.
Details: Deliver Recovery Potion to Beatrix
Reward: 3 Antidote Potion and Head Recipes (Lv. 3)

Event Text:

Electra: You must be here about my request...
Freyr: Is everything okay? You seem down...
Electra: Oh no. I'm fine. Now, about my request... I'd like you to bring this energy drink to my mother. I do appreciate your help...
Received Recovery Potion
Found the woman working in her garden, digging a hole in the wall as usual.
Beatrix: From Electra? Now why in the world would she send me this?
Freyr: She didn't say. Should I go ask her?
Beatrix: No... It's most likely because of the argument we had this morning... We argued over whether or not there's any treasure in the back garden. Please tell her I'm sorry too.
Freyr returned to Electra to convey the message from her mother.
Freyr: Beatrix said to tell you that she's sorry for this morning.
Electra: Did she? Thank you very much. It's not that I don't believe there's any treasure in the back garden. It's just that I'm worried about her health when she digs out there all the time... I'm glad she's not angry. Thank you very much.
Request completed!
Received 3 Antidote Potion and Head Recipes (Lv. 3) as a reward!

Electra's Friendship Events
Electra's 1st Friendship Event
After completing Electra's Rocky Sailing Request, Freyr spoke to her and experienced her 1st Friendship Event as follows:
Finding Electra in the foyer of the Mansion, sweeping the floor, Freyr spoke to her.
Electra: Oh, how may I help you?
Freyr's choices:
I wanted to talk to you.
Never mind.
Freyr: I wanted to talk to you.
Electra: Oh, did you? Then let's talk!
The screen dims momentarily and you will be in the General Store, oddly enough, with Electra behind the counter.
Electra: Excuse me. I was doing inventory, but then Bismark had to go out on an errand...
Freyr: That's okay. But why are you working here? I see you cleaning your house a lot, too.
Electra: Yes... Well, I like to work, but my mother and I are... on a tight budget, I suppose you'd say.
Freya: (?!) What?! But I thought your family was really rich!
Electra: Oh no. We may have a large house, but we're quite poor. We used to have an army of maids, butlers and groundskeepers, but now we have only Maerwen. And to tell you the truth, we can barely pay Maerwen's wages.
Freya: Oh! I had no idea. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry...
Electra: Oh no, it's fine. We're not trying to hide it. ... (with profuse sweating now) Oh, I apologise. I didn't mean to bring you down with my family's troubles. No time to dwell on things like that! There's too much work to do!
The event ends in the General Store with a prompt:
Your Friendship Level with Electra is now 1!
Electra, curiously, is nowhere to be seen...

Electra's 2nd Friendship Event
Electra: Oh my. How may I help you.
My choices now:
I wanted to talk to you.
Never mind.
Freyr: I wanted to talk to you.
Electra: Oh, did you? Then let's talk!
Although I spoke to her in the road near my house, we now appear to be in the clinic.
Electra: I love that it's so nice and quiet, because I can read during my breaks. You see, I'm secretly studying. I haven't told my mother, but I want to go to school in the city one day soon.
Freyr: Secretly? Why? Do you not get along with your mother?
Electra: Well, I don't want to insult her, but I'm studying so I can be mayor some day. I love my mother, but she's often careless and impulsive and she's simply terrible with money. That's not good for amayor. I want to follow in her footsteps, but I also want to do better. That's why I want to go to school to study economics and civics. I've been setting aside some of my earnings to save up for school.
Freyr: Wow, I'm impressed, Electra. You work so hard.
She covers her mouth with her hand in modest embarassment.
Electra: Oh, it's not such a big deal. I don't work nearly as hard as Bismark or Lily.
Freya: But I think it's great that you're working towards such a good goal. I really respect that.
Electra (sweating profusely): Oh, well that's kind of you to say. Thank you very much.
Your friendship level with Electra is now 2!
The event ends inside the Clinic. Only Violet is there now.

Official Description:
Only one maid who is still around after the fall of De Sainte-Coquille family. Not too friendly at first, but very sweet and caring.

Introduction: Odette will introduce her on 2 Spring during the Town Tour.

According to Talynn:
Most Favourite Gift: Pom-Pom Flower
Most Detested Gift: Spinach

Actual Responses:
For Moondrop (with outpouring of hearts): Can I really have this? I won't give it back to you even if you ask for it, you know!

Maerwen for Hot Milk: Thanks! I'll take it happily!

Maerwen's Requests:
Maerwen: A good island for animals.
I might know where an island used to be.
Details: Maerwen will give you a Map that will show the position of a new Island. In the process of completing this Request, you will discover how to Control Ymir to explore the Seas as well as discovering Spring Island.
Reward: Kitchen Recipes Book, Level 2
Other Benefits: Ymir will raise Spring Island, your first location where Spring Crops can be grown. Place Spring Flower Monsters and Goblins on Spring Island and use your Spirit Wand to cause Sprouts to appear.

Maerwen's Friendship Events
Maerwen's 1st Friendship Event
Maerwen: Who are you again? Oh, I remember! You're Freyr, right?
Maerwen: What, do you have business with me?
Your choices now:
Could we talk a little?
Uh, never mind.
Freyr: Could we talk a little?
Maerwen: Talk? With you? Hmm, well, I suppose I can spare a moment.
You now will find yourself in the foyer with Maerwen, irrespective of your location when the conversation began.
Freya: Maerwen! So you work as a maid here?
Maerwen: Yes. Well, I try to, when I'm allowed to.
Freyr: When you're allowed to?
Maerwen looks towards the steps, where Electra is sweeping.
Maerwen (with smoke and thunder): Aauuugh, Lady Electra!! Why are you doing that again?
She walks closer to confront her.
Maerwen: I will take care of the cleaning! Please go read a book in the garden or something.
Electra: But I do so enjoy cleaning and housework...
Maerwen (with thunder): Nonsense! If they hear in the dark elf homeland that my mistress is doing the housework, I'll be a laughingstock!
Electra (with tear): Nonsense!
Maerwen: That's my line!
Freyr: This... looks like it might take a while. Maybe I should go.
He begins to leave, but:
Maerwen: (What did you say?) Wait just a second! You can't just run away! Coward!
Freyr (with tear): What? Coward?! Hey, that was uncalled for!
He now leaves.
The event ends and your Character stands alone near the entrance of the Mansion inside the foyer.
Your friendship level with Maerwen is now 1!

Official Description:
A golem craftworker. Once she starts creating one, she gets so into it that she forgets to go to sleep. Also works at the blacksmith.
Introduction: Although you will hear her voice on 2 Spring, you will meet her only at 6.00 a.m. on 3 Spring when the Plant Golem Ymir astounds the Islanders with his incredible growth.

According to Talynn:
Most Favourite Gift: Small Crystal
Most Detested Gift: Milk
Odette's Editorial Comment: Elena hates milk. No wonder...
Easiest Favourite Gift: Scrap Metal

Actual Dialogue:
Elena: When I was a kid, I used to have a pet caterpillar. It was actually really cute! Wait? What ever happened to it? Oh, I remember! It turned into a butterfly and I let it go! (with profuse sweat now) It's true! I just forgot!

Actual Responses:

For Scrap Metal, Bronze: (leaping up and down with joy): Whoa, Bronze! I've been wanting this! Thanks, you're a lifesaver!
For Iron: (with music) Whoa, Iron! I've been wanting this! Thanks, you're a lifesaver!

For Potato, Proof of Warrior: I guess I'll take it. Thanks.

Elena's Requests
New Heads for Ymir
In the Smithy Menu, you will see an Option to change Ymir's Head but there will be no choices apart from his 'Normal Head' until Elena offers to make one if you bring her one Moondrop and one Toy Flower.
Remember that you can give requested Items separately. Freyr gave Elena a Moondrop as soon as he harvested one on Spring Island. It took longer for him to be able to harvest a Toyherb from the same Island but when he did, he gave it to her.
Elena: Excellent! Now i have all the materials. Time to remodel Ymir... ... if he were here! If you want him remodeled, you have to bring him here! Duh! Bring Ymir back to Fenith Island and then come see me again. I'm all fired up for this job!*
*Ymir was at the Earth Shrine Island when Freyr gave Elena the last ingredient, so he had to drag him to Fenith Island...
With Ymir at Fenith Island, Elena will perform the job at once.
Elena: All right, it's done! Another work of genius by yours truly! Go take a look! You'rll be impressed, trust me. If you ever want to change his design back, just talk to the Salesgolem. When I get the order, I'll change him back.
N.B. This is a cosmetic change, unlike the Upgrades that can be made with Cores.

Elena's 1st Friendship Event
This is a fairly dramatic and amusing event.
Elena: Who was it again? Hm? Do you need something?
My choices now:
How about a chat?
Nothing in particular.
Freyr: How about a chat?
Elena: Oh boy. Sounds like a pain... Okay, then, but make it good.
We are at the beach and the golem stands there.
Freyr: So? What is it?
Elena: Heh heh heh heh! Prepare yourself, Freyr!
Prepare myself? For what? Some sort of hassle, I'm sure.
Heh heh heh heh! If you have to ask, then I'll tell you! I've decided to create a golem that surpases Ymir! My first step to achieving that is defeating you, Freyr!
Where do you get these weird ideas?
Enough talk! Go, Mr. Invincible #1!
Freya: Haha. He's not paying any attention.
The golem strides towards me and then begins to leak steam and black smoke.
(At first I thought it was laughing but then realised it was a technical problem.)
Freya: Uh... Is it supposed to be doing that...?
Elena: Er, probably not! Function cutoff switch! Stop, I say!
The Golem falls to pieces literally.
Elena: ...
Freya: Elena...
Elena: W-Well... These things happen! I'll win next time, you'll see!
Freyr: G-Good luck with that...
Your friendship level with Elena is now 1!
The event ends with me alone at the entrance to the tunnel on the beach.

Elena's 2nd Friendship Event
Elena: Hm? Do you need something?
My options now:
How about a chat?
Nothing in particular.
Freyr: How about a chat?
Elena: Oh boy. Sounds like a pain... Okay, then, but make it good.
Now at the beach, dual swords in hand, facing Elena's Golem and Elena.
Elena: The repairs and enhancements took longer than I thought, but finally on this glorious day, Mr. Invincible is complete!
Freyr: It's actually going to work properly today?
Elena: Sh-Shut your mouth! That was all just a mistake! Now go, Mr. Invincible! Finish him!
Darkness and the sound of many blows.
The screen lightens and the golem lies in pieces.
Freyr: He's finished, all right...
Elena: ...
Freya: Wiat, Freyr!
Freyr: Uh... W-Well, that wasn't easy! I barely won by the skin of my teeth!
Elena: Please, that's enough... It was totally lacking in both power and armour. I'm going to start over from square one.
Freyr: Do your best, then. I'll fight whatever you come with, whenever you need me to!
Elena: Hmph! I'm going to rip that smug look right off your face!
Your friendship level with Elena is now 2!
When the event ends, Freyr stands near the entrance to the Tunnel on the Beach.

Birthday: 3 Spring
Official Description:
A cheerful girl who loves to play with her friends. She's sometimes so focused on playing that she forgets to go to work.

According to Talynn:
Most Favourite Gift: Sun Pendant
Most Detested Gift: Salad
Odette's Editorial Comment: Another thing she hates is working at the shop, but she sure loves having fun! Ha-ha-ha!

Actual Responses:
For Neck Towel (with outpouring of hearts): Thanks! What a cute accessory. I love it!

For French Fries: I'm gonna chow down on this! *munch munch munch* Thanks!

Sierra's Requests
Sierra: The legendary spear!
A spear with bark as bad as its bite! It'll leave your enemies pining for mercy! On sale this season only!
Reward: You can purchase the Legendary Spear for 1000G.
It is one of the Spears you can make at the Forge if you have the right ingredients and an upgraded Forge: Bunbunir: 400G
Sierra: A ghost in the ocean?
There's a faint yellow light appearing on the ocean! Is it a ghost? Some one needs to investigate!
Difficulty: 2 Gold Turnips
Details: You must raise the Nameless Island located at D-6. It is a Temporarily Raised Island so can be explored only while Ymir holds it. In order to complete the Request, collect Rune Spirits from the fallen log on the Island.
Reward: Sardine Sashimi x 5

Sierra: A delivery job
Will you deliver a cake for me?
Difficulty Level: 1 Turnip
Sierra: Did you see the bulletin board?
Freyr: How did you know?
Sierra: I dunno. I just figured you'd be the first to respond.
Freyr: So what do you need?
Sierra: Could you bring this cake to Electra?
Freyr: Yum, it looks good!
Sierra: (with music): I know, doesn't it? Thanks a lot!
Received Cake (1)!
Give the Cake to Electra.
Freyr: i brought a cake from Sierra.
Electra: Oh my! (with music) Hee hee. I'll make some tea, and then I'll eat it with Sierra and the others...
Freyr: So she's eating it?
Electra: Hee hee. Alright.
Return to Sierra to report to her.
Sierra: Good work! How did it go?
freyr: She said she'd get the tea ready.
Sierra (with music): Awesome! I can't wait!
Freyr: Couldn't you have just brought the cake yourself?
Sierra: I was way too busy! Here's your reward! Thanks!
Request completed!
Received 100G as a reward!

Sierra's Request: Radiant weaponstravaganza!
A brilliant weapon that's as deadly as it is pretty! On sale this season only!
Difficulty level: 1 Turnip
After accepting the Request, Freyr finds Sierra at the beach, but she says:
Sierra: Come on in! We've got some limited edition items for sale! Don't miss out! How about this legendary dual blade? You won't find this just anywhere? It can be yours for only 2000G!
Freyr chooses: Can you tell me more about it?
Sierra: You'll be sure to have all eyes on you! You'll be on fire, and so will the heart of the one you love!
The price is 2000G. Freyr chooses to buy it.
Request completed!
Received Sparklers (1) as a reward!

Sierra's Friendship Events
The 1st Friendship Event prompt will occur when the Character's Friendship Bar is almost completely filled. In other words, Sierra was almost at 1 Friendship, after Freyr had completed her first two Requests.
Sierra's 1st Friendship Event:
Sierra: Hey-yo! Wanna go have some FUN?
Your options now:
Okay, let's go.
Some other time.

Freyr: Okay, let's go.

Sierra (clapping her hands): Sweet! Letr's do it! Where should we go?

The screen darkens momentarily and you find yourself seated across the table from Sierra at the Inn.

Freyr (with tear): So I guess this is the place...

Sierra: No choice, really. This is the only place we can eat and talk. So, how's things? Used to it now?

Freyr: Well...

Sierra: I wasn't asking you!

Freyr (with tear and a sigh): What's the idea?

Sierra: Nya-ha-ha! Just playing with you! So, Freya, how's things?

Freya: Hmmm... I'm pretty much used to it now. Every one's been so kind.

Sierra (with music): Yeah? Cool!

Freyr: And how's the store?

Sierra: Yeah, it's fine, whatever. Bismark takes care of all that stuff.

Freyr (with tear): Oh REALLY...? If you say so...

Sierra (clapping her hands) I do say so!

The screen darkens and we are outside the Inn on the path.

Sierra (with music): Kay, see ya later!

She strides off and the Event ends with you outside the General Store.

Your friendship level with Sierra is now 1.

If you choose: Some other time.
Sierra: Awww, BO-ring. Guess I'll go ask Electra...

Birthday: 1 Spring
Official Description:
A warrior who makes sure every one in the island is safe and sound. Responsible and reliable. Often wondering what it means to be a warrior...
Introduction: You will experience an Introduction Event when you walk along the path from the De Sainte-Coquille Mansion towards your Cottage on 4 Spring after 8.00 a.m.

According to Talynn:
Most Favourite Gift: Tempura Bowl
Most Detested Gift: Knife Pieces
Odette's Editorial Comment: That's so Mikoto!

Actual Dialogue:
Mikoto: I do love flowers. In my homeland we hold a festival for people to get together over a meal and watch the flowers. The Cherry Blossom Festival always reminds me of it.
Actual Responses:
For Salted Pond Smelt (with music): Ah! I do love grilled fish. I'll accept your gift gladly.
Mikoto for Shrimp, Milk: I'm much obliged. I'll gladly accept this.
Mikoto for Curry Bread, Char Sashimi: Oh, how perfect. I was feeling a bit hungry just now. Thank you.
For Knife Piece (her Most Detested Gift): The sight of a bent blade always pains me...
For Scrap Metal (?) What's the meaning of this?
Mikoto's Requests
Mikoto's Request: Something hidden beneath the waves
Mikoto: Something hidden beneath the waves.
I heard a tale from a traveler of something interesting hidden under the sea.
Details: Raise a Temporary Island consisting of an enormous Statue's Head in the location Mikoto marks with an X.
Reward: None
Other Benefits: When you defeat all the Monsters in the arena on the Temporary Island, you will find a Treasure Chest that contains a Statue of a Sorceress that you will place in your cottage.
N.B. The Sorceress is Pandora.

Mikoto's Request: I'd like to reward your Skills
Mikoto: I'd like to reward your skills.
People say your skills have been improving. Let me celebrate that.
Difficulty: 1 Turnip
Details: Defeat 5 Trolls
Reward: 5 Snapper Sashimi

Request Event
Mikoto: Oh, just who I wanted to see. I've been looking for you. I've been greatly heartened to hear of you recent valour, Freyr. I'd like to give you a gift to celebrate it...
Freyr: But I can't just take something from you like that...
Mikloto: I see... A gift unearned can indeed feel hollow. Then go and defeat 5 of the trolls that live in the yellow tower on the tiny island to the south of Fenith Island. I will give you this gift in celebration of your victory.
Freyr: I'll definitely feel like I've earned it after defeating 5 trolls.
Freyr went to the Earth Shrine, teleported to the 3rd Floor and defeated 5 Trolls handily, then reported to Mikoto.

Mikoto: You're truly as strong as all the rumours say, Freyr. I am quite impressed. I hope you'll use this well.
Request completed!
Received Snapper Sashimi (5) as reward!

Mikoto's Request: A strong warrior needed
Mikoto: A strong warrior needed.
There are monsters which cannot be overlooked. Could you get rid of them?
Details: Defeat 5 Orc Archers
Reward: 1 Recovery Potion and Katana Recipes, Level 2

Request Event:

Mikoto: I'm much obliged to you. There are five orc archers that need to be returned to the Forest of Beginnings.
Freyr: Leave it to me.
Mikoto: Don't push yourself. I wish you luick.
As Ymir was parked in front of the Earth Shrine, Freyr found 5 Orc Archers there to defeat, returning to Mikoto afterwards.
Mikoto: I new I could rely on you, Freyr.
Freyr: It wasn't a big deal.
Mikoto: I see I can count on you. I may ask for your help again.
Request completed!
Received 1 Recovery Potion and Katana Recipes (Lv. 2) as a reward!

Mikoto's 1st Friendship Event
When Freyr spoke to Mikoto:

Mikoto: Perfect tining. I'm off to do my patrol of the island. Would you like to come with me?
My choices:
Sure, I'd love to!
I'm kind of busy right now. Maybe next time.

Although I WAS very busy, I had to be polite. so I said: Sure, I'd love to!
Mikoto: Oh, wonderful!
We now at the site of the Wedding Chapel.
Mikoto: What a view... I do love the ocean. It connects us to the whole world. I always find myself stopping here to look out at it.
Freya: You're from a country in the far east, aren't you, Mikoto?
Mikoto: Yes. The clear, blue waters here remind me of those of my homeland. Looking out at the sea balances me, because it reminds me of just how insignificant I am. It helps me to let go of my ego, doubt, and worries, so that I might focus fully on my training.
Freya: Did you come here as part of your training?
Mikoto: All of my life is my training, so I suppose you could say that. But that was not the main reason I came here. Perhaps I'll tell you about it someday. But now is not the time. Things look fine here. Let's move on.
Your friendship level with Mikoto is now 1!

Mikoto's 2nd Friendship Event
Mikoto: Why, if it isn't Freyr and Freya... Perfect timing. I'm off to do my patrol of the island. Would you like to come with me?
Your choices now:
Sure, I'd love to!
I'm kind of busy right now. Maybe next time.
Freyr: Sure, I'd love to!
Mikoto: Oh, wonderful!
Now you stand under the ancient large tree near the pool where the curse came to pass.
Freya: I see you sharpenoing your sword at the blacksmith's sometimes. Is smithing a hobby of yours?
Mikoto: It is not a hobby, exactly. My sword is a part of me. I must hone it as I hone myself. Still, the less I need to draw my sword, the better. Violence should only be a last resort for resolving conflicts.
She turns suddenly.
Mikoto: Huh? What's that?
She draws her sword instantly. . A flash of light, then:
A chipsqueek is stunned, wobbling from side to side.
Freyr: A monster!? I can't believe it's here in the centre of town!
Freya: But it doesn't seem hostile. Maybe it's not an evil monster...
Mikoto: Hmm... Well, I don't feel any evil energy coming off of it.
Freya: Oh, it got up! I'm so glad...
Mikoto (sternly): THis is not your home. Return to your true home...
The little Chipsqueek obediently toddles off.
Mikoto: I was just talking about trying not to use my sword and what do I do? I guess I have a lot of training left to do...
Freyr: I don't think so. You deflected your attack the moment you realised that the monster wasn't evil. Otherwise, with your skill you would have sent that monster back to the Forest of Beginnings in one blow.
Mikoto: Heh heh. I think you give my skills too much credit, Freyr. (with music) But I do appreciate the kind compliment.
Your friendship level with Mikoto is now 2!
The event ends with Freyr standing alone near the pool.

Birthday: 24 Winter
Official Description: A witch who turned herself to stone while practicing magic.
Introduction: You first must 'rescue' her by finding the statue and bringing it home. You then need to speak to Sierra for an assignation at night at the Pier. Note here that the Event will not trigger if you go to the Pier via the Beach.
Actual Dialogue while under Curse:
Are you unoccupied...? Because I cannot leave this accursed stone form, I cannot take stock... er, cannot take a WALK, I mean, on this island.
I am stuck here until my body is restored. You must aid me.
I am able to move around freely to some extent, but I cannot go far from my statue. How inconvenient! Bring about my restoration with all haste!
Actual Responses:
For Ruby: Jewels possess magic. I will take possession of this one.
For Moondrop, Strawberry: Giving tribute is the mark of a faithful minion!
For Strawberry Jam: Food as a gift is miserly. However it is the duty of a ruler to show lenience to underlings.

Pandora's Requests
When you have raised Pandora's Friendship to 1, thereby breaking the spell that kept her a stone statue, Requests by her will be added to the Board:

Pandora: This cursed body
Something ails my body! Come soothe it! That's an order.
Difficulty: 1 Turnip
Details: Give her Para-gone
Reward: Iron (1)

Pandora; Bring me tribute.
Celebrate my resurrection.
Difficulty: 1 Turnip

Pandora: Spirits
Those pesky spirits! Do something about them before they cause a panic.
Difficulty: 1 Turnip

Pandora: This cursed body
Pandora: This cursed body.
Something ails my body! Come soothe it! That's an order.
Details: Give Pandora Para-gone
Reward: Iron (1)

Pandora; You may be at ease, minion. That took forever. Why weren't you here sooner?
Freyr: You're so rude... So? What's your problem?
Pandora: With the eternity I spent turned to stone, my joints are feeling a bit stiff...
Freyr: Or maybe your age is catching up with you...
Pandora (with thunder) What was that?! It's of no importance! I can be benevolent. I heard that there's a medicine in this era that works well on numbness. Bring it to me.
Freyr: Numbness? Para-gone should work, right?
Freya: Yeah, that works really well.
Freyr: I'll go get you some. Just wait a second.
I give Pandora the Para-gone.
Pandora: So this is the jewel of modern medicine, Para-gone! And now I will say farewell to that vile numbness! Good work, my underling! *Gulp*... Ahh, I feel so much lighter.
Freyr: Great!
Pandora: It's not working...
Freyr: Are you sure it's not just stiff muscles? I mean, you're not exactly a spring chicken...
Pandora; What?!! Arrgh, take this!
Freyr: Ow! Don't throw that at me! That's dangerous!
Pandora (with thunder): It's a proper reward for this. I expect more polite service next time you help me!
Request completed!
Received Iron (1) as a reward!
Pandora: I will expand my quarters to encompass the sanctuary, and bloodlessly seize the clinic... B-But Gerard's room is off limits, so I will leave that alone!

Pandora: Spirits
Pandora: Spirits
Those pesky spirits! Do something about them before they cause a panic.
Difficulty: 1 Turnip
Detail: Find Statue Island
Reward: Devil Blood

Pandora: Ah, here you are. Eager to receive your orders. That's what I like to see!
Freyr: Is this about taking over the world again?
Pandora: Don't be hasty now. I need you to dispose of a large number of spirits for me. To the north of Winter Island there is a place where spirits often gather. They've always been there, but lately they've been a lot more active, and people are mistaking them for ghosts and making a big fuss.
Freyr: I can see how they might think that if they saw them shining like that...
Pandora: Indeed. Quinn and Kelsey are frightened of them. Once you catch them, I 'd suggest you boil or burn them. Do whatever you want with them. I hear you actually collect them and use them for something or other.
Freyr: I'll check it out.
Pandora: Excellent! I'm counting on you, then.
Pandora outside my door at 10.40 a.m.
Pandora: Hmph. So you are hard at work this morning. Excellent. It seems you have managed to capture the spirits. Good work. You may take this reward. There may be other areas nearby where spirits are gathering. If you need them, you may try and find them. That is all.
Request completed!
Received Devil Blood (1) as a reward!
Pandora's 1st Friendship Event
While Pandora still remained enchanted, Freyr spoke to Pandora one morning and experienced the following:
Pandora: Oh-ho, you have come at just the right time. I wish to speak with you.
My choices now:
About what?
Save it for another time.
Freyr: About what?
Pandora: Oh, nothing much. One moment, let me explain...
The screen darkens, then:
The stone statue now is in front of the wedding chapel bell. Pandora's spirit stands behind it to one side.
Freyr: Ugh, heavy!
Pandora: How dare you accuse a dainty maiden like myself of being 'heavy'?!
Freyr: Sorry. So what are you having me move your statue here?
Pandora: I am glad you asked. Your faith in me has now reached the required degree. It is time for the rutual that will restore me!
Freya: Oh, Pandora! You'll finally be back to normal! Yay!
Pandora: Hmph. You are a kind and charming girl, Freya. A striking contrast with...
Freyr (with cross hurt): What were you planning to say, huh?
Pandora: Nothing in particular. Now, let us begin the ritual of restoration! Freyr! Stand before my statue!
Freyr does as he is directed.
Pandora: No matter what occurs, do not move! And I forbid you to speak until I say otherwise. Alas, my magic was exhausted by the effort of detaching my ethereal form from my stone body. Therefore, I will use your body to utter the spell that will turn my body from stone back into flesh...
Spirits of this great world... I, Pandora, the great and mighty arch-sorceress, command thee! Hark!
Water, flow of life...
Flame, spark of life...
Wind, breath of life...
Earth, body of life...
By the power of all the spirits of the elements, change me from this unnatural body back into my true form!
A flash of white, then:
Pandora stands before Freyr in the flesh.
Pandora: Hmph! A success!
Freya: Yippee, Pandora!
Pandora: (Very nice!) Freyr! Speak now suitable words of congratulation!
freyr (with tear): .....
Pandora: Ah, of course. You may speak again.
Freyr: You... You...!
Pandora: Address me as 'Mighty Arch-Sorceress'! Although I permit you the privilege of calling me 'Mistress Pandora.'
Freyr: What's all this 'Arch-' sorceress business, Pandora? Were you lying about being a sorceress turned to stone by a spell gone wrong?
Pandora: That? Well, not exactly. 400 years ago, as my first step toward conquering the world, I was testing a spell to turn things to stone. It went awry, and I turned to stone instead. (with music) Was that a bit mischievous of me...?
Freya: What? So, Pandora, you're an arch-sorceress? What does that even mean?
Pandora: Eh? An arch-sorceress is a mighty wielder of magic destined to rule the world!
Freyr: That's wrong, Freya! An arch-sorceress is an evil being who plots to conquer the world but is foiled by heroes!
Freya: Pandora, you were evil?
Pandora: But of course! Who ever heard of a GOOD arch-sorceress?
Freyr: In that case, I should take you down right here! For the sake of the world and every one in it!
Pandora: Mwa-ha-ha! It is a good sign that you brandish your blade against me! That tells me you will make a feisty minion! Until I regain my magic powers, I will assign you to carry out my plans for world conquest! (with music) I appoint you as Minion Number One! Savour this glorious honour!
Freya: Only Freyr?! That's not fair!
Pandora: Do not fret! You shall be my Minion Number Two, Freya!
FReya: Yay!
Freyr: This is getting more ridiculous by the minute. We're outta here, Freya.
Pandora: Wait, Freyr!
Freyr: What now?
Pandora: You spoke of me very impertinently while I was still a statue.
'I'm going to toss this out.' 'It's just a statue'. 'Let's stick it outside.'
Freyr: That's true! Freyr, you should be more careful with things.
Pandora; I am not a 'thing', Freya! Still, I will overlook your insult because I am in a good mood now that my body has been restored. Now is the time to plead for my mercy. Plead!
Freyr scratches his head.
Freyr: But... But seriously... How could I have known any better? No one would think that some random statue was actually a person turned to stone, right? I'd have been more careful if I'd known that statue was a person!
Pandora; Hmph, is that your story? Well... your excuse is persuasive. I will be carefully monitoring the loyalty of your service from now on.
Freyr: What do you mean, 'loyalty'!?
Pandora; You may leave my presence now.
Freyr: (with tear) Hey! You can't just ignore what I say...
Your friendship level with Pandora is now 1!
Event ends at the Wedding Chapel Bell, but Pandora is nowhere to be seen.
If Freyr had answered: Save it for another time.
Pandora: You are a cold-hearted one...

Official Description:
Longing to be an adventurer like his grandfather. He loves festivals, and attends every one of them.

Introduction: You can meet him on 2 Spring by going down the steps towards the boat at the harbour.
In his first Request, Joe will ask for a bottle of Wine. You can buy Wine for 500G at the Gemini General Store. Give it to Joe to receive a Level 1 Fire Rod.

According to Talynn:
Most Favourite Gift: Protein Boost
Most Detested Gift: Cucumbers
Odette's Editorial Comment: What a weirdo. Cucumbers are great!

Actual Dialogue:
Joe: Sometimes I sell the treasure I find in town. come say hi!
Joe: Since we're such good buds now, you can call me Bro!
Freyr: I'm not calling you that...

Actual Responses:
For Neck Towel: Hey, not bad... Thanks.
For Small Fleece, Glue, Medicinal Herb, Proof of Warrior: For me? Don't mind if I do!
For Sardine Sashimi: Ooh, this for me? Don't mind if I do!

Joe's Requests
Joe: Got any wine?
Grandpa took my wine! Can you give me some?
Details: Buy Wine at the Inn and give it to Joe so he can make a Telescope with the glass bottle.
Reward: Fire Rod

Joe's 2nd Request
This Request appeared on the Board after Freyr defeated the Mole on the 4th floor of the Earth Shrine and after Ymir had been upgraded with the Green Core given to him by Joe.

Joe: Can you use your sea chart?
I'll teach you how to read a sea chart. Come see me.
Difficulty Level: 1 Gold Turnip
Freyr: Hey. So you're going to tell me how to read the sea chart?
Joe: Yeah. The sea can be a scary place without many landmarks, so you need to be able to read the sea chart. The most important thing is to just get used to reading it! So I want you to go find the place I tell you.
Freyr: So it's a trial by fire, huh?
Joe: Find the reefs to the west of Fenith Island that look like two faces looking at each other. Use the sea chart to find shallow waters to travel through!
Freyr: (Shallow waters? Ymir should be able to just walk through those.)
X on the sea chart now a little northwest of all the known islands.
X: Search the shallows in the shape of a face that lie beyond the ocean stream.
After finding the Nameless Island, Freyr returned to speak to Joe.

Joe: Looks like you found them! I must be a great teacher! Since you passed my test, I'm going to present you with this! Use it well!
request completed!
Received Courage Badge as a Reward!

Joe's 1st Friendship Event
When I spoke to Joe:

Joe: Hey, just who I wanted to see. Can you give me a hand here?
My choices:
Yeah, sure thing.
Maybe next time.

Freyr: Yeah, sure thing.
Joe: Great! Come with me.
The screen darkens.
When it lightens again, there is a crowd at the beach.
Joe: Well, I guess this is it. Every one who's not here right now is busy today.
Odette: What'd you drag us out here for? I've got things to do, you know...
Bismark: M-Me too...
Joe: We're going to have a campout! And where better for a campout than the ocean!
Sierra: A campout? Great idea! That sounds like fun!
Freyr (with tear): Are you stupid? What are you talking about?
Joe: Who're you calling stupid? If we don't do one now, when wool we?
Freya: Oooh, he couldn't quite get that out right.
Freyr: No, he couldn't.
Lily: Oh dear...
(Is Joe inebriated???)
Joe: Wh-Who cares! We're going to have a campout!
Violet: Um... What exactly do you do at a campout?
Joe: That's a good question! Well, at a campout you... ... ...do all sorts of thing!
Freyr: He has no idea, does he?
Odette: None whatsoever.
Sierra: Okay, well, why don't we have something to eat, then? People eat t ogehter at a campout!
Lily (with music): Oh my, that sounds like fun...
Bismark: Wait... we're going to eat here? On the sand?
The screen darkens...
We all are seated at tables at the inn now except for Joe who stands.
Freya: I knew it would turn out like this.
Freyr: Oh well, I expected as much.
Joe alone remains standing, then:
Joe (with music): Who cares as long as we had fun! I'd call today's campout a huge success!
Freyr: This isn't actually a campout...
Your friendship level with Joe is now 1!
The Event ends inside the Inn.
Official Description:
A trading merchant who exports products from the island and imports products from abroad. He cares about his sister... a little too much at times.

Introduction: You can meet him on 2 Spring by entering Daedalus Smithy.

According to Talynn:
Most Favourite Gift: Chocolate Pudding
Most Detested Gift: Mushrooms
Odette's Editorial Comment: How can he hate mushrooms? But they taste so good!

Actual Responses:
For Pudding (with music): You know exactly what I like, and you got it for me, didn't you? Thanks. That really makes me happy.
For Small Fleece or Chocolate: Thank you. You have my gratitude.
For Hot Chocolate or Sardine Sashimi: This looks really delicious. Gratefully received, with my thanks.

James' Requests
James' Request: Search for a desert island
Search for a desert island.
I want to fulfill the last wishes of a lost crew. Help me out?
Difficulty Level: 2 Gold Turnips
Details: Find the Desert Island west of Shipwreck Island
Reward: 9 Silver Ores
Event text:
James: Oh, there's something I wanted to talk to you about. I heard from bacchus that you found a sunken ship...
Yeah, I found one the other day.
i found out the ship had been headed for a dry, rocky island to the west. If you look to the west of where the ship sank, you should be able to find that island. Could you carry out the last wishes of that ship's crew and find the island?
Sure. So I just head west from the sunken ship, right?
It might be a dangerous journey. Please take care.
Having raised the Island, Freyr returned to find James at the Beach:
James: I heard you finally found that dry, rocky island! Now the sunken ship can rest soundly. I hope you'll take this as a token of my thanks.
Request completed!
Received Silver (9) as a reward!

James' Friendship Events
James' 1st Friendship Event
As soon as Freyr had discovered the Desert Island and reported it to James, thus completing his Request, he was able to trigger his 1st Friendship Event:
James: Hi, Freyr, Freya. Would you like to talk for a bit?
Your choices now:
Sure, why not.
Maybe another time, okay?
James: Let's walk, then.
Outside the Pavilion now, and James sadly is dressed for business again:
James: How is everything? Are you getting re-accustomed to things?
Freya: Yes! Every one around here is so nice. I'm really enjoying myself!
James: I'm glad to hear it. If there's anything I can do for you, please just let me know.
Freyr: Thanks. That means a lot.
Freya: You trade with people outside the island, don't you James?
James: That's right. Import-export, I guess you might call it. I sell things from the island and bring in things you can't get here.
Freya: That's really impressive. I could never do anything like that...
James: Hah hah hah. Thank you. But it isn't that big of a deal. It's not like I'm creating anything. I think Elena is much more impressive. She creates something, after all. Those wonderful Golems. Speaking of Elena, I went into her room the other day and she suddenly just hugged me! (with music) Having such a doting sister really is great. She happened to elbow me in the stomach, which did really hurt, but you know, accidents happen. And then...
Your friendship level with James is now 1!

Birthday: 3 Spring*
*N.B. Bismark and Sierra are twins.
Official Description:
General Store's owner. So shy that he rearely speaks, but when he's at the store, his personality changes.

Introduction: You can meet him when you first enter the Gemini General Store on 2 Spring.

According to Talynn:
Most Favourite Gift: Seafood Pizza
Most Detested Gift: Insect Jaw
Odette's Editorial Comment: Whatever you do, Freyr, don't give him an insect jaw!

Actual Responses:
For Strawberry Jam:
Bismark: It looks delicious. Than you for sharing it with me.
Bismark's Requests
Bismark's Request: Searching for some one to make a delivery
Bismark: Searching for some one to make a delivery.
I need some one to deliver some wine. Be careful. It's fragile.
Details: Deliver Wine to Odette when she is inside the Inn
Reward: 100G
N.B. This is one of those slightly tricky Requests in terms of timing. You need to accept the Request from Bismark when he is in the General Store, then take the Wine to Odette when SHE is inside the Inn. Freyr was able to do it at noon.
Event text:

Bismark: Freyr, are you busy today?
Nope, I saw the bulletin board, and I thought I'd give you a hand.
Bismark: Oh really? Thank you! That would be great. I'm actually looking for some one to do a job for me...
Freyr: You can count on me! What do you need me to do?
Bismark: Thank you. Could you bring this wine to Odette at the bar? Be careful, because it's breakable. Please bring it while the THree Sisters Inn is open. I'll pay you 100G for it.

No problem. After all, the inn is right next door to me.
On this particular day, Odette was not at the Inn in the morning so Freyr waited until noon to accept the Request. At noon, Bismark still was at the shop, although Electra was working there as well. Odette was inside the Inn.
Odette: Oh, you're doing this job for Bismark? Thank you!
Rushed back to the General Store.
Bismark: Thanks for doing that for me. Here's your 100G. I often have jobs that I'm looking to fill, so keep checking the bulletin board.

Request completed!
Received 100G as a Reward.
Much ado about nothing.
Bismark's 1st Friendship Event
Freyr had chosen the option at the Shop to:
Bismark: E-Excuse me...
My choices now:
Shall we talk a little?
See you!
Freyr: Shall we talk a little?
Bismark (sweating profusely): Y-yeah, sure. That sounds nice.
The screen darkens, then...
I began to help him put things in the shelves. Bismark on the other side of the room turns to face me.
Bismark: Sorry for getting you to help out like this.
Freyr: Don't worry about it. I'm guessing that Sierra has run off on you again?
Bismark: Hah hah hah... That obvious, is it?
I continue to place items on the shelf, then...
Freya: Hold on... Freyr, shouldn't that go on these shelves over here?
Freyr: Nah, they are fine right here, right?
Bismark walks over to the shelves and moves an item I placed.
Bismark: Actually, they belong over here.
He walks away again.
Freyr: Wait, we weren't even close...
Freya: I can't tell if we're helping out here or just getting in the way.
Bismark: Oh, the former, I promise you. You've been a big help.
The screen darkens and we now stand in front of the counter facing one another.
Bismark: Thank you very much for your help today. You've been a big help. Here is your pay for the work you have done.
He makes a gesture of handing something to Freyr.
Freya: Pay...? I don't think that's necessary. We didn't really do that much!
Bismark: That's not true, not at all. I'd like you to help me out from time to time in the future, if you're available.
Your friendship level with Bismark is now 1!
N.B. Although Bismark makes a gesture of paying Freyr, Freyr's total income is the same after the Event as it was before the Event occurred. Payment thus is illusory.

Bismark's 2nd Friendship Event

Bismark: Excuse me...
My choices now:
Shall we talk a little?
See you!
Freyr: Shall we talk a little?
Bismark (sweating profusely) Y-yeah, sure. That sounds nice.
The screen darkens.
We are in the shope again. Bismark is sorting items on the shelves.
Freyr: Bismark, you've got something work-related you want to discuss?
He turns to face me.
Bismark: Oh? How did you know?
Freyr: Work is about the only thing you seem able to talk to people about, that's all.
Bismark: Ah hah hah. You're right. Actually... that's what I wanted to discuss with you.
THe screen darkens...
Freyr: I see. You want some help changing your shy, withdrawn personality?
Bismark sags visibly.
Bismark: That's right... I don't like myself, at the moment, to be honest. I wish I was a little bit more masculine...
Freyr: Gotcha. I'll do what I can.
Bismark: ?! Really? You will? Thank you!
Freyr: I'll give it some thought before our next meeting.
Freyr walks out of the shop, then:
Freya: Hold on, Freyr. Are you sure it's okay to make promises like that?
Freyr: Well... I'll figure something out. I do have a few ideas, you know.
Freya: You do? What kind of ideas? Come on, tell me!
Freyr (rather darkly): You'll see soon enough.
He strides off.
Freya (with thunder) Awww, come on, spill it!
The event ends outside the General Store.
Your friendship level with Bismark is now 2!

Official Description:
Mayor of Fenith Island and head of the local De Sainte-Coquille family. Keeps digging in the hope of finding her fortune.
According to Talynn:
Most Favourite Gift: Magic Crystal
Most Detested Gift: Glue
Odette's Editorial Comment: She hates glue? That's a weird thing to hate...

Actual Responses:
For French Fries: *Sniff* This French Fries looks delicious! I'd be glad to take it off your hands!
For Strawberry Jam: 'Sniff!' This Strawberry Jam looks delicious! I'd be glad to take it off your hands!
For Glue (Most Detested): Hmm, I don't feel anything from this glue... (Interesting gift...)
Birthday: 3 Summer
Official Description:
Retired adventurer. Enjoys chatting and hanging out with Lily.
Introduction: You will meet Bacchus and Joe the first time you walk down the little steps to their boat.

According to Talynn:
Most Favourite Gift: Fried Fall Flounder
Most Detested Gift: Honey Toast
Odette's Editorial Comment: Another thing he likes is Lily! He comes by here all the time...
Actual Dialogue:
Odette: I always get Bacchus a wine bottle for his birthday. I splurge for him because he's such a regular at the Inn's bar. His birthday is Summer 3.
Lily on 30 Spring: Every year I give Bacchus a song as his birthday present. I'm practicing this year's song now. It's almost time to perform so I need to hurry.
Actual Responses:
Bacchus for Medicinal Herb, Wine, Shrimp: Ah... Thank yeh kindly.
Bacchus for Salted Pond Smelt: I was feeling a bit peckish, yeh know. This'll hit the spot!

On his birthday for Neck Towel, Wine or Pansy:
Bacchus (with outpouring of hearts): Hmph! Who cares about silly things like birthday presents?!
Bacchus: A birthday present? Hmph! I shouldn't accept anything at my age... ... But if yeh insist, I guess I have no choice.
N.B. Since he had the same response for all three Items and the same increase in FP, Freyr ultimately gave him the Neck Towel as it was the least costly Gift.

Bacchus' Requests
There usually is one Character in any Rune Factory game who will make Battle Requests. These Requests can be performed again and again. Bacchus is the Character in Tides of Destiny who makes Battle Requests from the start of the game.

Bacchus: Clobber some monsters!
Show those arrogant goblins who's boss!
Details: Defeat 5 Goblins
Reward: 1 Char

Bacchus' Friendship Events
Bacchus' 1st Friendship Event
After Freyr had discovered the Shipwreck Island pursuant to Bacchus' Request, he was able to experience his 1st Friendship Event the next time he spoke to him:
Bacchus: Ahoy. How about keeping me company? I got some time to kill.
Your choices now:
Sure. Why not?
Not now. Sorry.
Freyr: Sure. Why not?
Bacchus (with music): That's the spirit!
The screen darkens... We now are seated across from one another at a table in the Inn.
Bacchus: Here! Drink up!
Freyr: Er, no. I'll pass this time.
Bacchus (with thunder): Eh... Yeh've gotta learn to loosen up sometimes! By the way, yeh go out a-ridin' on that big, silly golem to adventure at sea, is that right?
Freyr: Well, yeah, I guess you could call it adventuring.
Bacchus (with music): That's the ticket! I like fellers what don't hold back. If yer gonna do something, yeh've gotta do it on a big scale! That's quite the difference from my useless grandsom. How 'bout it? Wanna take Joe's place and be my grandkid?
Freyr: Ahahaha... Er...
The screen darkens again...
Bacchus now is slumped over his drink at table.
Freyr: Phew, free at last...
Your friendship level with Bacchus is now 1!
The event ends with you standing in front of the message board.
Official Description:
A bright and funny tomboy. Lives in the church.
Introduction: You will experience the Introduction Event when you first enter the Church.

According to Talynn:
Most Favourite Gift: Ultimate Curry
Most Detested Gift: Carrots
Odette's Editorial Comment: I'm going to make a carrot cake for that little rascal!
Quinn's Requests

Quinn: Let's have a treasure hunt!
I hid some treasure on the island! You can have it you can find it.
Details: You will find a Bird Feather on the path in the Dragon Shrine.
Reward: Bird Feather

Official Description:
A shy boy living in the church. Often pulled around by Quinn.
Introduction: You will experience the Introduction Event when you first enter the Church.

According to Talynn:
Most Favourite Gift: Magic Ring
Most Detested Gift: Green Peppers
Odette's Editorial Comment: Boys always love Magic Ring.
Kelsey for Proof of Warrior, Medicinal Herb, Fire Crystal: Thank you. (not excited)
Kelsey's Requests

Kelsey: Do you like riddles?
I made one up.
Details: Correct response is: Moody
Reward: Recipe Book for Wonderful Gifts

Kelsey: Um. Please help.
I'm looking for something.
Details: Give him any colloured Grass.
Reward: 1 Bird Feather

Official Description:
Priest at the church. A gentle-mannered, graceful young man who takes care of his children as if he was their father.

According to Talynn:
Most Favourite Gift: Mixed Au Lait
Most Detested Gift: Grass Juice
Odette's Editorial Comment: Don't tell me you want to know Father Gerard's preferences! Well, if you insist...

Actual Responses:
For Medicinal Herb, Proof of Warrior, Recovery Potion (with a smile): Oh my! This is quite nice!
For Salted Pond Smelt (with a wiggle): Oh my, this looks quite tasty!
For Scrap Metal (unhappily): Was this on the ground? How strange... I sweet up every day.

Official Description:
Archaeologist and authenticator. Visits Fenith Island on Thursdays and Holidays. She's married with two children.
Introduction: Go to the plaza at the Harbour to meet her on the first Thursday.

According to Talynn:
Most Favourite Gift: Golden Skull
Most Detested Gift: Tomatoes
Odette's Editorial Comment: That reminds me. I should take a pot we have in the house to her and see what she says about it.
Actual Responses:
For Pudding: This looks delicious. I'll just have a nibble. Hee-hee!
For Mug, Fire Element, Neck Towel, Medicinal Herb: I can have this? Thank you very much.
Birthday: 4 Winter
Official Description:
A mail person who delivers on the 4th of every month. Always cheerful and smiling.
Introduction: You can meet Annette, beloved of Rune Factory Frontier players first on 4 Spring near the Harbour.
Anette only visits Fenith Island once each Season on the 4th, so if you wish to raise her Friendship Level, you must find her on that day and speak to her.
Actual Dialogue:

Anette: Letters, letters, letters. Where do you all go?

Freyr: Of course! So Annette, are you used to this island now?
Annette: Yeah! The ocean is really beautiful. The village where I live is near the sea, too, but it's even more beautiful here. But I do have one little problem...
Freyr: Problem?
Annette: Yeah... I have trouble with boats... When I ride on boats, my face turns green, and I get sick to my stomach. I can't believe I discovered a new weakness I never knew I had...
Freyr: Ha ha ha! That sounds rough.
Annette (with thunder): Hey! Don't laugh! It's a serious problem!
Freyr: Ooops, sorry about that... Don't get mad!
Annette: Hmph! I don't forgive you!
Anette: No, I'm just kidding! We're friends, right? A little teasing's no big deal. Plus, I really like coming to this island.... A-Anyway... I ... I have work to do!

Actual Responses:
For Hot Milk:
Anette (sweating profusely): What?! How did you know I was hungry?
For Strawberry or other fruits:
Anette (smiling): What? You're giving this to me? Hehe, thanks! Don't mind if I do!
For Giant Potato:
Anette: What is this thing?! I've never even seen something like this! Wow...